May. 19th, 2005

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About how Draco Malfoy simply must be the Half-Blood Prince.

Because, you know, Narcissa Malfoy nee Black is obviously Muggle or Muggleborn (because the theory that squibs don't count as purebloods is something I'm not even going to entertain, it's so idiotic.

On the other hand, it brought up some odd points about Snape that are interesting...

What if:
1. Snape's a half blood. Say, his father the evil Voldemort follower raped a Muggle or Muggleborn and got her preggers and, for some odd reason, didn't kill her and allowed her to bring the child to term.

2. Adopts the child as his heir... maybe he and his wife can't have children or he chooses not to have a wife because he's a misogynistic bastard.

3. Treats heir like crap because, dude, half blood and it'll take forever to wash the stain out of the bloodline. Maybe there's money in the Snape fortune but damned if he's going to use more on the little blighter than he has to.

4. Severus decides at quite a young age that he is never going to procreate just to get back at his asshole father (fortunate for we Snarry lovers he's gay anyway... although it's entertaining if he isn't but chooses that because it doesn't typically make babies.) Joins Voldie because he has to, or because he sees it as a way to either a) gain daddy's approval or b) gain enough power to off the bastard.

Does this make Snape the HBP? Probably not, but it seems to be a bunny, with fangs and tentacles so it may just have to be written.



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