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Spoiler Alert: Well then...

No, I'm not finished yet, but I've always had the habit of turning to the final pages of a book and scanning them... for me the adventure is how did we get there...

So... can we say living in the land of firmly AU? That's okay, I'm a Snarry fan and knew it was impossible anyway.

Suddenly I am awash in possibilities for how Snape still isn't evil (although I expect he is and shall remain so for JKR, shortsighted wench that she is.)

Still, he made a magical contract, didn't he? He had to do it -- and is still pushing Harry to protect himself. Interesting, innit?

Yes, I shall continue with Ars Magica. I hate joining the Sirius fanatics in denial-ville, but hey, what can you do?

(Anonymous) 2005-07-18 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
Why come up with wonderful stories about how some mysterius person is helping Harry w/ his quest. A dark and sexy someone who is willing to go to any lengths ;)

[identity profile] vasaris.livejournal.com 2005-07-18 10:13 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, I expect that'll be part of it. Weirdly, the initial saga I intended to write for the last Fest could, with a bit of tweaking, fit nicely with HBP... come to think on it, the opening lines are almost perfect...

*dodges plot-bunny* Damn it. Bellum Umbrae. Bellum Umbrae. Think Bellum Umbrae.