Apr. 17th, 2005

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I am [livejournal.com profile] vasaris and this is my Journal for my random writings. I write slash, HP/SS to be exact, although other pairings from my various universes may show up (Hermione and Vincent have been somewhat chatty, as it happens.) The following is a list of stories I've posted various places, links to be added as I get them up here.

Currently I'm working on several arcs, the most popular being Ars Magica which was initially produced for the seventh wave of Lady Kardasi's From Dusk 'Till Dawn SS/HP FQF.

Others include the universe of The Mathematician's Premise, which includes the WIP Harry Potter and the Pillars of Truth. Yes, I've also got a sequel floating vaguely in my brain, but I want to get Harry and Sev together the first time -- not to mention firm up why the castle wants him to begin with.

The Curse of Love, is a oneshot that I've had requests for sequels -- if I can come up with something funny enough, that might actually happen.

And, finally, In the Final Hour, which is my personal favorite after Ars Magica but, alas!, doesn't seem to be as popular as some of my other stories. Good thing I'm writing for me, eh?

I am also pretty much guaranteed to post random pseudo-philosophical, quasi-intellectual ramblings in regard to either writing, HP in general, etc. As a card carrying member of Fandom Wank, I know that this has a chance to bring heated discussion to the yard, but... hey. I'll keep it to a dull roar if y'all will.

If there is anyone out there, that is.

Happy Reading.
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Originally written for Wave V of Kardasi's From Dusk 'till Dawn fest.

Pairing: HP/SS
Rating: PG-13/R
First Line Challenge: Dumbledore was gone and Snape was the Headmaster of Hogwarts. The first thing he would do was hire Potter in some capacity.

(actual first line cleaned up for grammar.)

It has been a decade since the Dark Lord was vanquished. It is time to bring Harry Potter home. One would think it would be easier. )
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Disclaimer: I wish I owned the characters. Harry would have relatives who cared for him and Snape would have some closure. Alas, Harry and Snape belong to J. K. Rowling, primarily, as well as Scholasitc and Warner Brothers.

Beta: Many thanks to K. B. and ShaeLynn for their willingness to critique this on short notice.

Archive: Part of the From Dusk till Dawn Severus Snape/Harry Potter Fuh-Q-Fest at http://www.kardasi.com/HPSS/storyindex.htm

1000 words, to include:
150. Incorporate the quote "Cry havoc and let lose the dogs of war" (KC)

162. One last time before battle (Nienna Ciryatan)

164. Include Harry saying, "Aw, piss off!" to someone. Not necessarily Severus. (Nienna Ciryatan)

Sometimes, you cannot win for losing. It's time to do something about that. )
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A question for the sages, really.

New fest... new universe. Around 10 handwritten pages of it.

*shakes head*


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